“Mocha-Chai Award”, continued from last year, will offer you a post-production prize worth of USD37,000!

2019 08 22

A post-production award offered by Mocha Chai Laboratory, one of Singapore’s leading post-production facilities.
Starting 2018, Mocha Chai Laboratory, technical partner to the Singapore International Film Festival, will offer a prize to the best project presented at NEO CINEMAP Fukuoka.
The winner will be selected by Mr. Yee Wei Chai, one of Singapore’s most prolific film directors and founder of Mocha Chai Laboratory. The prize includes online grading, audio post, creating DCP. Please refer to the separate sheet for details.

-Eligibility: all projects pre-selected by the market
-Project stage: all stages
-Prize: Post-production support worth up to USD37,000.
-Pitching style: one-on-one meeting

– 対象:すべて
– ステージ:すべて
– 賞金:約400万円相当のポスプロ費、シンガポールでの滞在費5泊分
– 審査方法:代表イーウェイ・チャイ氏による個別面談

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