Awards at our Project Pitch go to these two presenters!

2019 09 19

Selected projects that are planned to be shot in Japan or has potential to be shot in Japan are given the opportunity to pitch on the second day of the market n order to compete for awards. This year two different awards are offered with different condition of eligibility.


Inter-Asia Project Award” winner:
“Cat Island” by Siege Ledesma

Comment from Mr. Brillante Ma. Mendoza:

“The story in both uplifting and insightful with very charismatic characters despite their love as human beings. The cats are the real charm of the film. The filmmaker has a clear view of what she wants to say and what she wants the audience to feel after watching the film. “

Brillante Ma. Mendoza

About Inter-Asia Project Award:

“Inter-Asia Project Award”, our new award for the best project selected by Director Brillante Ma. Mendoza!

“Mocha Chai Award” winner:
“Three Strings” by Sopawan Boonnimitra

Comment from Michelle Chang, head of development at Mocha Chai Laboratories:

“Three Strings has a very distinct character and that is the sound. The sound plays a critical role for not just the characters (the protagonist has an illness that can only be soothed or calmed by the sound of the Sanshin) but also the audience as I imagine the beautiful music that emanates from the instrument that underscores the film, giving us a glimpse into the world of Okinawan music. The instrument is also a clever metaphor for a three-generation family trying to rediscover and relive their once strong bond with one another. Visually, the contrasting colours of the choice of locations is very meaningful too – the green pastoral mountains of Northern Thailand and the blue serenity of the island of Okinawa. This film will be a joy to work on for us at Mocha Chai Laboratories and we look forward to working with Sopawan Boonnimitra and her team, to realise their vision for the film leveraging our state-of-the-art facility and expertise in sound design and colour-grading.”

Michelle Chang
Head of Development

About Mocha Chai Award:

“Mocha-Chai Award”, continued from last year, will offer you a post-production prize worth of USD37,000!