NEO CINEMAP FUKUOKA - Fukuoka Asian Film Market

Focus on Asia - Fukuoka International Film Festival 2017

Associated Plan Business Conference of Asian film and video contents

Here we come, Neo Cinemap Fukuoka 2017! It’s Asian film market in Fukuoka,associated with Focus on Asia - Fukuoka International Film Festival (FIFF) 2017.
Throughout the event,we will have producers,sellers,buyers of film and video contents from all over the world! Make use of the business meeting, which could expand your business,Project Market for finding investors or producers,and networking with Focus on Asia Fukuoka International Film Festival.
Neo Cinemap Fukuoka is willing to provide a marketplace where you can focus on "meeting and talking with people who are looking to buy what you’re selling,find business partners or show your works for your own success!"

Neo Cinemap Fukuoka is a co-host organization with Japan Foundation ASIA CENTER. Creating a social interaction between Asia and Japan as much as we could through films in Fukuoka where is the gateway to other Asian countries, we would like for you to use this opportunity for sharing, collaboration, creation and distribution for your business growth.


アジアフォーカス・福岡国際映画祭の関連企画、ネオシネマップ福岡 アジアンフィルムマーケット。