Bon-uta, A song from home盆唄

Bon-uta, A song from home
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Yuji Nakae
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Nakae Yuji of Nabbie’s Love directs this documentary about the people of Futaba, a town located in Japan’s Fukushima Prefecture, as they fight to save a generations-old tradition in the wake of 2011’s earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster. 

By 2015, with the community scattered and recovering, townspeople began to realize that their beloved “bon uta” would cease to exist unless they took action. A glimmer of hope is seen when they hear the story of Fukushima Ondo, another type of “bon uta” which continues to be enthusiastically performed and preserved through the efforts of Japanese Americans whose ancestors had emigrated from Fukushima to Hawaii over a hundred years ago. Encouraged by the story, the people of Futaba travel to Maui, Hawaii to see for themselves how a centuries-old tradition has been passed down to the current generation.

PIC:Ms. Fumiko Horiuchi (Producer) Telecom Staff

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