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“YUNI is a sixteen-year-old teenage girl living in a small village surrounded by factories and beaches. One of the boys is YOGA, Yuni’s junior who likes to stare at her from afar. This is often a problem, such as when Yuni’s neighbor’s relative, IMAN, comes to the village and proposes to her. Yuni’parents decline the proposal because she’s too young. But an old belief says that it’s forbidden to say no three times.

One day Yuni visits her friend, and her friend’s uncle happens to be in the village. Not long after, UNCLE DODI proposes to her. It’s the second time Yuni and her parents reject a proposal. They want Yuni to continue her studies, but pressure keeps coming to them. Yuni’s grandmother, who lives with her, wants her to accept either of the proposals.

When Yuni has to hear gossip about her each day, she takes her estrangement out on poetry and Yoga. Yoga’s the only person who’s willing to do anything Yuni desires that comes from within her; anything she tells him to. They decide to have a sexual intercourse. The third time comes when Yuni’s Indonesian Language teacher, Mr. DAMAR, stands in front of the house to propose to her. Under the heavy rain on the day of the wedding and her birthday, Yuni weeps over her destiny.”

PIC:Ms. Silvia Indah Rini / Fourcolours Films (Finance Director/ Producer)

Fourcolours Films is an independent production company based in Jogjakarta, Indonesia, and founded by Director Eddie CAHYONO, Producer/Director Ifa ISFANSYAH and Producer Narina SARASWATI. In the beginning, Fourcolours Films was just an ordinary independent film community established in a city, Jogjakarta, with no film industry, no tools, and no human resources. There was only enthusiasm and passion. Fourcolours founders believed that it was their responsibility to create a film atmosphere in Jogjakarta, their hometown. After several years, there is now a lot of youngsters developing film communities, watching, discussing, making or distributing independent films. Since its creation in 2001, Fourcolours Films have been actively producing short films that where awarded in festivals like Rotterdam, Busan, Hamburg, Tokyo... After ten years of processing, Fourcolours Films started producing feature films in 2012 with Ifa ISFANSYAH productions ONE DAY WHEN THE RAIN FALLS (Ifa ISFANSYAH, IFFR, 2013), SITI (Eddie CAHYONO, TELLURIDE 2015), TURAH (Wicaksono Wisnu LEGOWO, Indonesian Official Entry for OSCAR 2018), THE SEEN AND UNSEEN (Kamila ANDINI, TORONTO IFF 2017) and MEMORIES OF MY BODY (Garin NUGROHO, VENICE Orizzonti 2018). The involvement and activism carried out by Fourcolours Films in Jogjakarta inspires many new filmmakers in Indonesia. Fourcolours Films continues supporting local filmmakers and producing them.