Pipikoro Road Movie

Pipikoro Road Movie
Contry of Production
Dirmawan Hatta

Pipikoro is a small region along the Lariang River in Cental Sulawesi, Indonesia. No vehicle can enter this area except motor bike by what everyhting is transported. Glen will have his gift, a cellular phone from his father who work far away from home, if he can prove that he can read and write. So he tries hard to learn. But he failed, since every grown up men in his village are too busy to help him. They pursue thieir own dream of having a cellular network tower in their remote village. The film is based on a true story.

CONTACT INFORMATION COMPANY:Tumbuh Sinema Rakyat Foundation
PIC:Mr. Dirmawan Hatta (Director)

Tumbuh Sinema Rakyat Foundation (TSRF) is a non-profit organization based in Magelang, Central Java, particularly to develop and initiate people's media and its distribution networks. TSRF develops a film-making workshop for community members especially in a rural area around Indonesia, called The Sinema Rakyat Workshop. Within 2 years, this workshop already produced 5 feature films.