Pink Delirium

Pink Delirium
Contry of Production
Dirmawan Hatta

Risang is a santri (student of Moslem boarding school). All of his friends in the boarding school are ready to go to Jakarta, joining a protest which will be participated by hundred thousands of moslems from all around the country, to demand punishment for a political figure, who is charged of doing blasphemy and seen as Ïslam enemy”. But Risang reject to join. As he never believes for his friends’ cause to join the protest, he also never believes that Zahra, a girl he fall in love with, is mentally ill. She has been treated in the boarding house as a patient of mentall illness by Kyai Harun, the spiritual leader of the house. He try to convince the kyai of his belief and release the girl. This is a story about the man and the boy who are facing doubt about what is believed to be sane and insane, in the background of moslem identity political uprising in the diverse Indonesia.

CONTACT INFORMATION COMPANY:Tumbuh Sinema Rakyat Foundation
PIC:Mr. Dirmawan Hatta (Director)

Tumbuh Sinema Rakyat Foundation (TSRF) is a non-profit organization based in Magelang, Central Java, particularly to develop and initiate people's media and its distribution networks. TSRF develops a film-making workshop for community members especially in a rural area around Indonesia, called The Sinema Rakyat Workshop. Within 2 years, this workshop already produced 5 feature films.