On the Banks of Progo River

On the Banks of Progo River
Contry of Production
Dirmawan Hatta

Agnes lives separated from his husband. Damar avoids communication with his girlfriend. Bambang is having a fight with his fiancee. They live along the Progo River. According to Anto, a mysterious hunter who roam the forest along the river, there are many secrets hidden there. People killed in the past and their spirits haunt the river and the forest. The three stories around religion and marriage are happened in a village in the banks of Progo River, Cental Java, Indonesia. The past is haunting them. Especially about a community of indigenous religion believers who has been displaced for decades along with the political turbulence in Java, Indonesia

CONTACT INFORMATION COMPANY:Tumbuh Sinema Rakyat Foundation
PIC:Mr. Dirmawan Hatta (Director)

Tumbuh Sinema Rakyat Foundation (TSRF) is a non-profit organization based in Magelang, Central Java, particularly to develop and initiate people's media and its distribution networks. TSRF develops a film-making workshop for community members especially in a rural area around Indonesia, called The Sinema Rakyat Workshop. Within 2 years, this workshop already produced 5 feature films.