Cat Island

Cat Island
Contry of Production
Siege Ledesma
Development, Pre-Production, Co-Production, Financing

Gertrude, a Filipina spinster loses her will to live when her mother, Catherine, dies. But on the eve of Catherine’s 40th day, her ghost returns to remind Gertrude of a peculiar request: scatter her ashes over Cat Island, Japan.
Gertrude travels to Cat Island and fulfills the task. Seeing how ideal life is in the rural island, Gertrude lives as a hermit amongst the feral cats. There, she also befriends a mysterious cat and names her Patrasche.
While scavenging in the island, Gertrude encounters a hikikomori, Kenji, and his grandmother. Ill-equipped to survive in a society, Gertrude takes them under her wing. Gertrude also finds out about Ponkichi – their pet cat that Kenji reluctantly abandoned in an animal shelter.
Gertrude and Kenji go to the animal shelter. But the staff won’t release Ponkichi after discovering that Kenji abandoned him. Worse, Ponkichi is to be put down if he doesn’t get adopted soon.
Donning a stolen cat costume, Gertrude and her new friends steal Ponkichi. And after the heroic act, Gertrude feels that she’s finally found her purpose.
Gertrude and friends continue to rescue animals, and their heists become an online sensation. Eventually, however, the authorities track them down in Cat Island.
Kenji and Mahoko surrender, but Gertrude refuses and marginally escapes the cops. Feeling trapped, Gertrude goes to the edge of a cliff for a final escape. But just before she jumps off, Patrasche appears and rubs against her leg, grounding her.
Gertrude realizes that if she doesn’t do anything, her rescues would be put back on death row. Gertrude surrenders to the authorities.
Before getting deported, Gertrude posts a video online, outing herself as the masked-crusader, and begs people to adopt the cats. The internet comes to the rescue.

CONTACT INFORMATION PIC:Ms. Siege Ledesma (Writer/Director)

I am a registered freelance writer and director, open to work and collaborate with different local and international film production companies.