Ode to the Goose群山:鵞鳥を咏う

Ode to the Goose

Special Feature "Zhang Lu Films" of Focus on Asia IFF Fukuoka

Contry of Production
Zhang Lu
PARK Hae-il / MOON So-ri / JUNG Jin-young / PARK So-dum

Yun-young is an amateur poet who has yet to taste success. He also has an ambiguous relationship with his elder classmate’s ex-wife, Song-hyun. One day, they impulsively decide to visit the birthplace of Yun-young’s mother in a small port city called Gunsan. Here, they live in a Bed & Breakfast managed by a Korean man who was born and raised in Japan. He and his daughter stir up their curiosity. Through conversation and shared experiences, Song-hyun develops subtle, tender feelings for the manager of the B&B. In the meantime, Yun-young and the manager’s daughter begin to explore each other’s past in silence…
When Yun-young goes back home, he encounters his conservative father, his Korean- Chinese housemaid, and a beautiful pharmacist. He experiences a feeling of déjà vu about these interactions. For him, the city of Gunsan is as much of a destination as the beginning of a new journey.

CONTACT INFORMATION PIC:Ms. Jiahan XU / Midnight Blur Films (Co-founder, Partner)

MIDNIGHT BLUR FILMS is a film production and service brand that is devoted to developing and producing films with international vision and idiosyncratic style, both commercial and arthouse. Striving to integrate all segments of the global film industry, MIDNIGHT BLUR FILMS also has two subsidiaries: an international sales and film festivals PR company PARALLAX FILMS, and a multi-platform media brand DEEP FOCUS. The company has agents in Paris, New York, Hong Kong and Tokyo and its business covers all major film markets and festivals worldwide.