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On his retirement, Nuh (62) realized that he had an estranged family. Armed with his retirement savings, he intend to fix it. Nuh brought his wife, Mia (45), his son from his first marriage: Dika (30) and his daughter with Mia: Dea (13). Siti (87), Nuh’s mother also came along because no one would look after her. Besides, she was always known as a healthy elder who was rarely ill for her age, although she can be grumpy sometimes.
Nuh tried to be optimistic even with the awkwardness between his two children, he and Dika, and even he and Mia. On the other hand Siti was happy. This was her second time going abroad besides her Mecca’s pilgrimage. That is, until she found out on the plane that they were going to Japan.
In Tokyo, Siti tried to stay calm. Until they reached Shibuya Crossing. She drowned in terror of the sea of humans. Her old trauma resurfaced. While sleeping in a shared room, Dea could only tremble when Siti sleep-talked and screamed about being raped.
Awkward family vacation turned into a nightmare. Siti told them that she was raped by Japanese soldiers when she was 10 years old. This became a disgraceful event that she was told to just accept and move on. Throughout her life, Siti thought that she had sincerely accepted it but the unresolved trauma proved to hurt her relationship with Nuh.
The trauma brought a new perspective on the familial relationship. Together, they must help the grandmother to face her trauma in order to heal wounds and mend bonds, as a family.

CONTACT INFORMATION PIC:Ms. Gina S. Noer / Wahana Kreator Nusantara (EVP Business Development)

Wahana Kreator is a research and story development based company that produces high quality creators and contents. Our business unit consists of Wahana Edukasi, a workshop focusing on Indonesian content creator regeneration, Wahana Penulis that researches the demand and develops interesting stories for the target audience, and Wahana Dimensi that nurture the ideas and the process with skilled and professional production teams to produce various interesting contents.