Two Blue Stripes

Two Blue Stripes
Contry of Production

DARA (Zara JKT48) and BIMA (Angga Yunanda) may not be the perfect lovers, but they are friends who completes each other. Where both of them can be themselves, ignorance can be laughed at, and fragility doesn’t need to be covered up. Comfort is more than just the word care or love. The age of 17 has never been this perfect.
Until a new courage emerged between them. They both broke the line without knowing the consequences. Bima and Dara tried to take responsibility because of their choice. They thought they were ready to become adults, to face all the consequences. However, of course their naiveté was immediately tested when their families who really loved them found out, and forced their way into their chosen journey.

CONTACT INFORMATION PIC:Ms. Gina S. Noer / Wahana Kreator Nusantara (EVP Business Development)

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