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Brillante Mendoza / Lav Diav / Kidlat Tahimik /
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{Lakbayan} tells three tales of Filipino journey. An unemployed cameraman joins a protest march of farmers asking the government to help them reclaim their ancestral land stolen by the powerful in {Desfocado}. It is also the powerful that controls an island where a young miner contests the problems and the status quo in {Hugaw}. A mosaic artist is empowered as he arrives at his destination while traveling from island to island in {Kabunyan’s Journey}.

CONTACT INFORMATION PIC:Mr. Butch Ibanes (General Manager)/ Solar Pictures

Solar Pictures had its humble beginnings in the film distribution business back in 1976 when it was first established as “Solar Films”. Aside from acquiring and distributing films, Solar also produces its own films and has its own film festival: The Sinag Maynila Independent Film Festival, helmed by President Mr. Wilson Tieng and Festival Director Brillante Mendoza.