Turn Left Turn Right

Turn Left Turn Right
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Douglas SEOK
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Kanitha, a young, free-spirited Cambodian woman in her 20s, lives in modern-day Phnom Penh, working multiple jobs and choosing to live how she pleases. However, her daydreaming creates tension with her traditional mother, who wants a daughter that will settle down to get married, and Kanitha seems ambivalent to her father’s deteriorating health. The family’s struggle seems immutable, but Kanitha dreams an idea born from memories of her father. TURN LEFT TURN RIGHT is structured as an album, with tracks and sounds influencing the form. The film weaves Cambodian rock songs together with motifs of family, nature, and boundless imagination.

PIC:Mr. Daniel MATTES (Producer and Press Coordinator)

Producer and Press Coordinator for Anti-Archive, an independent production company established in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in 2014 by filmmakers Davy CHOU, Steve CHEN, and Kavich NEANG. Daniel MATTES recently produced LAST NIGHT I SAW YOU SMILING (2019, Kavich Neang, documentary, 78', NETPAC Award, IFFR; Special Jury Prize, Jeonju) and NEW LAND BROKEN ROAD (2018, Kavich Neang, fiction, 15', Best Film, Kyiv International Short Film Festival). He joined as co-writer as well as production manager on BUILDING, the debut feature film from Kavich Neang, due to begin shooting in October 2019.