Lightning Catching Adventure

Lightning Catching Adventure
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Sterling is the child who was raised “sterile” environment by his mother, Beth. His mother was a blogger online magazine. Sterling is a content creator who lives in the hubbub of Hong Kong. Sterling diligently uploads his works on YouTube. He has tens of thousands of subscribers. Sterling’s father, Mahesa, moves to Jakarta. This requires that Sterling should temporarily stay in his grandfather’s house. As a millennial who thinks that the followers on youtube are “true friends”, Sterling felt uncomfortable having to live in the Boyolali mountains. Sterling meets Gianto and Neta who then give Sterling a new experience. He is then knowing the fun of being friends, adventuring, playing with many kinds of toys that he never found before. Triggered by Gianto’s desire to become a movie star, Sterling whose ability to make vlogs share dreams with Gianto, assisted by Neta, Kuncoro and Yanto. They meet Arifin and Kriwil, owners of wedding videos shooting and mobile screen to teach them how to make movie inspired by legendary stories, such as Ki Ageng Selo, Lightning Catcher Legend. the kids are determined to make a movie. Their exciting adventure is not only in exploring nature in making movies, but also in overcoming the gap between generations with parents.

PIC:Ms. Silvia Indah Rini / Fourcolours Films (Finance Director/ Producer) CONTACT