Passage of Life僕の帰る場所

Passage of Life
Contry of Production
Japan / Myanmar
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Issace(the Father) and Khine(the Mother) lec Myanmar and now live in Tokyo, Japan, with their two children, 7 year-old Kaung and 4 year-old Htet, who believe they are Japanese. Issac repeatedly tries to obtain refugee status, and spends many hours working through the process, but never succeeds. Issac had to work at the Japanese Restaurant, and Khine illegally.

Out of insecurity, Khine, conPnuously quarrels with Issac. Acer Khine develops depression and becomes hospitalized, Issac decides to send Khine and his children back to Myanmar to live separately. The children have no choice but to follow his decision and face the great changes awaiPng them in Myanmar.

In Yangon, while Khine recovers, Kaung’s stress grows stronger and stronger. He never liked learning Burmese. He can’t accept his new home and feels lonely being far away from his father and his friends. In the peak of his stress, he leaves the house with his back pack and toy gun in hand.

He gets nowhere acer wandering around, asking the way to airport. It begins to rain and the sun begins to set. He meets two boys, Adam and John, who talk to him in Japanese. They play in the middle of town. Eventually, Adam tells Kaung it’s Pme to go back home. At the house, he finds his mother and relaPves looking for him. His mother cries and tells him never to run off again.

A while later, Kaung and Htet are accepted into the Japanese school system in Yangon. Kaung seems to have recovered his sense of security, but Htet never stops crying and asking for Dad.


PIC:Mr. Kazutaka WATANABE (Producer) / E.x.N K.K. CONTACT