Everybody Leaves

Everybody Leaves
Contry of Production
Philippines, Japan
Phyllis Grande
Script Development, Development, Co-Production, Financing

It’s summer in Tokyo, Japan. A three-month old corpse of an old man is discovered inside a small apartment in urban Japan. We are introduced to a group of workers who clean homes of people who died alone, or lonely deaths, or in Japanese, kodokushi. Then we are introduced to Hana, a second year college exchange student in Tokyo, Japan. Last year, she joined Last Home – a company in Japan which specializes in cleaning the homes of the people who just died – as a part-timer, to provide for herself  and also to send some money home to her grandmother.  She’s been studying there for two years already and her last semester has just started. She is wrapping up her last months in Japan, thus prompting her to help train the company’s new worker. Throughout the course of the film, we follow Hana as she spends her last days in Japan as an exchange student and as a part-time worker in the company. We will meet the people surrounding her – Ryu, her Japanese classmate who introduced her to Last Home and who will also be her special friend; Shiichi, the newcomer; Akira-san, the caretaker of the dorm – and the people who died lonely deaths.  We delve into the lives of the people who died, discovering how their deaths came to be and their lives as lonely people. As Hana spends her last days in Japan studying and cleaning houses of the people who died alone, Ryu helps her in looking for her estranged Japanese father who left her and her mom ten years ago. Towards the end, Hana will break up with Ryu, grieve Akira’s death, and board the plane without ever finding out that his father died alone, a kodokushi.

The film is a coming-of-age drama about Hana, her last days in Japan, the people who died lonely deaths, her co-workers and friends, and her search for her Japanese father. It is an exploration of loneliness and its different layers, stages and manifestations. 

PIC:Ms. Phyllis Grae Grande (Writer / Director / Producer) CONTACT