White Shadow

White Shadow
Contry of Production

Shane, A young unpublished poet, and Kwan, an NGO worker, are making love in a deserted house near a graveyard.
Kwan is a close friend of Kangsadal, a classical musician who is also Shane’s ex. But for Shane, he does not care about any of their past,
As he only uses sex to heal his suffering after escaping from the worst and most violent incident of his life: Itthi’s suicide.Itthi, an artistic nude model,
was the apple of his eye. Until she deliberately killed herself with pills after making love to him.
Kwan never knew about Shane’s past. She does not even know that Shane and Kangsadal used to be lovers. She only knew that he left Bangkok to stay by himself and to write poems.
It was Kangsadal who requested her to visit him often at that deserted house. As for Shane, he would never let anyone know that, each night,
he is plagued by anxieties and misery as a result of his scandalous past affairs and relationships.
Before also ending his life, he decides to leave a final parting gift to the world: A confession more cruel and violent than rimbaud or dente.

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