NEO CINEMAP FUKUOKA - Fukuoka Asian Film Market

Focus on Asia - Fukuoka International Film Festival 2017

Associated Plan Business Conference of Asian film and video contents

Here we come, Neo Cinemap Fukuoka 2017!
It’s an Asian film market in Fukuoka, associated with Focus on Asia – Fukuoka International Film Festival (FIFF) 2017. Throughout the event, we will provide a marketplace to get together so that directors, producers, sellers, buyers of films and visual contents could expand their businesses. Our Contents Market and Project Market we started last year would encourage you to meet new business partners and also to deepen your project with partners you already know. Of course we are happy to provide you a chance for networking with guests attending FIFF coming from all around Asia. You can’t miss Fukuoka’s intimate and warm atmosphere for your business!


September 19th (Tue.), 20th(Wed.) / 2 days


Fukuoka International Congress Center(2-1, Sekijyo machi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka city)

Tentative Schedule

< Tuesday, 19th >
  9:00     The venue doors open
          Start providing event badges at the entrance of the venue.
          You can start to set up the booth after receiving your badge.
  10:00 -18:00  Business meeting (You can set up your booth anytime during this time as well.)
  18:30-19:30  NEO CINEMAP Networking Party
  19:30-21:00  Fukuoka International Film Festival Networking Party
< Wednesday, 20th >
  10:00-17:00  Business meeting / Project Market (The detail will be announced later.)


『ネオシネマップ福岡 アジアンフィルムマーケット』。


ネオシネマップ福岡は、国際交流基金アジアセンターとの共催で実施します。 アジアのゲートウェイ福岡で、映画を通じて、アジアと日本の交流機会をより多く創出し、共有・協働・創造・発信とステップアップできる場を提供します。


平成29年9月19日(火) 20日(水)  <2日間>

会 場

福岡国際会議場5F (福岡市博多区石城町2-1)


< 9月19日(火) >
  9:00      会場オープン/各自ブース装飾
  10:00-18:00  商談会(1日目)スタート
  18:30-19:30  ネオシネマップ福岡 ネットワーキング交流会
  19:30-21:00  アジアフォーカス・福岡国際映画祭ゲスト参加パーティ
< 9月20日(水) >
  10:00-17:00  商談会(2日目)/企画マーケット(詳細は後日)