Contry of Production
Sheron Dayoc

When the Earth’s axis shifted in 2035, the several months of winter in Japan extended into years, sending the country’s culture to slowly perish as its people become more individualistic and absorbed in new age technology. Now it’s 2045 and Japan’s technology progressed at the same time as its old identity regressed.  With “intelligent” houses acting as each home-owner’s virtual realm and a shield from the cold of the endless snow, the Japanese prefer to spend their days in the comfort of their homes because there is no need to know the frozen outside world if technology provides them an illusion that it doesn’t exist.
 Laila, a 40-year-old Filipina caregiver, is struggling to find old people to hire her services after the revolution in medicine that brought about Oxidous, a pill that triples the life-span even of people beyond 70 years of age. Trying to forget how her family had betrayed her in the past, she’s become addicted to the Memory Chip: a drug that finds painful memories in the recesses of the human brain and converts them into happy ones.

But everything changes for her when she meets 70-year old Makoto, whose decrepit home is not “intelligent” and scorns the new age technology because he can’t let go of the old Japanese cultural identity that he loves deeply. Laila is hired by this old man, who she later discovers also has a dark past after being betrayed by his only son. Together, they try to find solace in dealing with each other’s pains amidst the cold world that surrounds them.

PIC:Mr. Sheron Dayoc (Director/ Producer) CONTACT