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Synopsis of the film “Okinawa’s Blue” project
By Tanwarin Sukkhapisit

The first day

Khongkwan, a 30 year old beautiful Thai woman, travels to Okinawa alone as a backpacker. She books a hotel in Naki Jin but gets lost on the way there. With her phone running out of battery, she can’t make a call to the hotel, neither browse for a direction on a map.
All of the sudden, there is Kenichi, an 18 year old boy who is a son of a local fisherman. Kenichi has a dark skin and dyed blonde hair. His eyebrows are shaped up nicely. He quits his last year of high school to help his father fishing. Ken runs into Kwan and gets to help her find the hotel. The problem is Kwan can’t remember the hotel’s name and all the booking information is in her non-battery phone so Ken takes her to a homestay he knows. Kwan likes this homestay very much because it looks like a lovely Japanese home better than the hotel she books herself. Kwan later shows her appreciation by taking Ken to dinner and she then gets to ask him a lot questions about tourist attractions. Fortunately, Ken can speak English a little so Kwan asks if she can hire him to be her tour guide during her stay in Naki Jin. Ken is willing to
do so but for one day only because he is obliged to help his father fishing the day after.

The second day

Ken takes Kwan to see many local attractions including the sea port where his father’s boat is. During the tour, they get to share each other’s stories. Kwan tells him that she travels alone because she works very hard that she never has time for herself. This would be a trip for her to get away from work so she might be realized what she really wants for her life. Ken tells her that he doesn’t want to study in school because he has to end up back home to fish with his father anyway and he always wants to keep his family’s tradition. At dinner, they have Japanese food and sake until they are drunk. Kwan gets too carried away so she kisses him by the cheek and he feels great by that. Later that night, Kwan is drunk and passes out so he takes her to bed. Kwan wakes up from her sleep and smiles with such impression with Ken.

The third day

Kwan wants to surprise Ken by showing up at the port.She wakes up very early, goes to the port and waits for him there. At the port, Kwan meets his father and she
asks them to get in the boat to go out fishing with them. She wants to see how they fish as she knows that it is a rare opportunity for a regular tourist to see that. Ken wants to do her a favor so he helps asking his father. His father agrees to do so with warning for a strong wind and sea sick. Kwan is excited to be in a boat as she sees how people in Okinawa fish and how blue and clear the sea is. She now understands why they call it Okinawa’s blue. She is fascinated with the beauty of the sea and also gets a seasick like his father warning. After the fishing, she has dinner with Ken’s family. They welcome her so warm with traditional singing and dancing. She has a great time with them. After dinner, Ken takes Kwan back to her place and there Kwan kisses him and asks him to stay for a while. They finally have a very special and intimate night together.

The fourth night

Ken wakes up not seeing Kwan there so he gets out and looks for her at the beach. He sees her standing alone on the beach so he goes to her and asks what happens.
She says sorry to him but he doesn’t want her to be sorry for what happens last night because he is happy with her and he really likes her. She then explains the reasons she is sorry because she lies to him all about why she travels alone. It is because she just finds out that her boyfriend cheats on her before their getting married so she travels to Okinawa alone to forget it. Surprisingly, Ken says sorry to her because he as well lies about his quitting school but the truth is that he always wants to be a professional baseball player. In his sophomore, he makes a mistakes by having sex with his best friend’s girlfriend and that kills all the trust other players in the team has for him, also the friendship. No one wants to be his friend anymore and worse than that, people talk about it. That is why he is here fishing with his father.
Ken and Kwan look into each other’s eyes and hold each other for a long time until Kwan says “I really like you but I have to go back to where I came from. Thank
you for everything here, especially, a great feeling you have for me. The more I fall into you, the better I understand my boyfriend’s feeling why he was seeing someone else while seeing me. Thank you and good bye Okinawa”. She kisses him and leaves him on that beach sad and alone.

Days pass by…

Ken sits on the beach sad and alone still. He misses her, Khongkwan, a mysterious woman from Thailand who comes to make him love her and breaks him just right

PIC:Mr. Tanwarin Sukkhapisit (Film Director) CONTACT