Motel Mist

Motel Mist
Contry of Production
Prabda Yoon

Sopol, a typical Thai father-like figure with kinky and dangerous sexual fetishes, brings his new young prey, a school girl named Laila, to room number 7, his custom-made erotic chamber.

Tun, a former child actor who has been reported missing by his mother and causing the media to speculate wildly over his alleged delusional belief that aliens are coming to take him away, shows up at the motel, determined to check into room number 5 and paint it all black.

Tot, a motel staffer, dreams of a cooler job, and perhaps the handsome reward money offered by Tun’s mother for information on her son’s whereabout could be useful.

Sexy Vicky arrives just in time to help her friend Laila from falling under Sopol’s violent domination.

These four lives eventually connect in a way that none of them could have anticipated. All are “taken away.” Because there’s more at Motel Mistress than meets the eye. Mysterious powers seem to have profound influence over every action and detail in the place. Maybe aliens are there to take Tun away for real. And maybe that’s not all they’re there to do.

PIC:Mr. Donsaron Kovitvanitcha (General Manager) CONTACT