The gift of youth

The gift of youth
Contry of Production

One day, after being rejected by the guy she liked and teased by her best friends , Phuong felt so bad that she ran out on the quiet street and suddenly being struck by a strange lightning that caused her deep in coma. Surprisingly, she woke up two months later and became so beautiful… but she also got dementia. Only her friends know what happened,both L.Anh, Châu and Tân think that they’re the main reason for Phương’s accident. Feeling shame for what they’ve done,three friends decide to help Phương get what she wants,Hoàng Tú – her boss, her latest crush and bring back all her
memories. During the time all are trying to help Phương, the other friends’s love suddenly got in trouble, they’re broke up with their boyfriends/girlfriends without knowing any reasons…
Only Phương knows the secret, because she didn’t lose her memories at all, that’s a scam she set up to take revenge for the time being treated badly by her friends.
Instead of living happily ever after, having what she wants:beauty, a man and three best friend, Phương lost everything because of jealousy. Their friendship seperated for a long time until an event was made to get them together again.
What did happened after their friendship come to an end?
Who bring them back? Will they unite and be friends forever

PIC:Ms. Tran phuong Thao (Head of International Sales & Acquisitions) CONTACT