Your Universe is Okay?

Your Universe is Okay?
Contry of Production
Korea, Japan
Baek Jaeho

Woozoo who is a sales person of a shipbuilding company in Korea goes to Osaka for business and accidentally witnesses someone who looks like his former colleague Daejung. Daejung quit the company to be a musician but has been missing since a boating disaster. He chases after someone who looks like Daejung, but he disappears.

Woozoo finds a small bar called Pier 34 by a pier while looking for Daejung, and bar master Snou is singing a song inside. He drinks a lot at the bar and misses a flight back to Korea next morning. Thinking about Daejung who was looking after his dream and himself who is just a sales person, he decides to quit his job suddenly.

While Woozoo continues looking for Daejung in Osaka, he meets Haruna who practices guitar with Snou. Haruna’s parents were a guitar duo touring around Japan, but her mother was killed by tsunami when they were on tour in Fukushima. Since then her father has not touched his guitar at all. Woozoo plans to form a duo with Haruna for one night only to show their performance to her father.

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