Contry of Production

Having gone through a bankruptcy in Tokyo with a company he ran, Masao Nakamura arrived in Ibaraki. While leading a hopeless life, Masao concealed his identity with other people’s names and career information, just so that he could keep up his façade in front of others. One day, Emiko Hayama, a mysterious high school girl, showed up before Masao. Every now and then, Masao would be toyed around by Emiko, but little by little he found himself becoming attracted to her naïve loveliness. Although something about Emiko really bothered Masao, he just enjoyed spending time with her so much that he forgot about it, and he even started opening up to Emiko – something that he rarely did to others. Emiko, on the other hand, was really interested in how Masao tried to be someone that he wasn’t. Then, partially because of Emiko’s influence, Masao mustered up the courage to meet his wife again. Masao has finally decided to reflect upon his past and look closely at himself. However, little did he know what’s in store for him and his wife… Then one day, Masao found out that in Emiko’s phone, he himself goes by “Dad”. Who exactly is Emiko… Emiko hangs out with her friends pretty well at school, but something seems to be unsatisfying about her single mother family. Her friendships with her friends are but skin-deep. Emiko, rarely goes to her school’s theater club, was invited by her club members to appear in the next performance. Although at first she wasn’t quite sure whether to go or not, she decided to go at the end because she got interested in acting as others. On the other hand, Masao started looking into Emiko’s background, and discovered something about her. At the same time, Emiko’s performance at the school festival was coming up… This is a sad yet heartwarming human drama about a man who’s lost everything he had, and a girl who has nowhere else to turn to.

CONTACT INFORMATION PIC:Ms.Mutsuko KUMAGAI (Distributor and Assistant Producer) / ARGO PICTURES Inc CONTACT