Marijuana Family

Marijuana Family
Contry of Production
Taro Imai

Outskirt of Osaka. Goro is in trouble. His wife, Kaori, is tired of taking care of Goro’s mother, Tomi, who is suffering from dementia. His daughter, Mahiro, doesn’t want to hear her parents arguing every night and leaves home to stay with her Nigerian boyfriend, Dibba. In order to support Mahiro, Dibba asks a leader of Nigerian community, Colin, to introduce him a better job, but Mahiro and Dibba get cheated by Colin. They are forced to shoot their own sex tape. In order for the video not to be distributed, Dibba must prepare 10 million yen within 2 weeks. Dibba asks Goro for help, but Goro can’t prepare any money as his textile factory is about to go bankrupt. Dibba suggests Goro to crop wild cannabis grown on a mountain and to pay Colin by marijuana instead of cash.

Since there are no other choices, Goro and Dibba go to crop the wild cannabis with a help of Goro’s family. Goro and Dibba hand the dried marijuana to Colin and get the tape back successfully. Since then, Tomi’s dementia starts recovering, and Kaori starts to communicate with Tomi. Also, Goro accepts Dibba as Mahiro’s boyfriend. A peace comes to the family for a moment. However, Colin demands more marijuana to Goro by telling him that he has a copy of the video. Goro is in bigger trouble now. Furthermore, Tomi is hospitalized because of an accident, and Mahiro finds herself being pregnant.

To protect his family, Goro makes a secret plan to put an end to the connection between the family and Colin forever and asks for Dibba’s help. In order not to make the family feel guilty and to proceed with the plan secretly, he pretends like a bustard on purpose. In the end, he kills Colin and himself after setting fire on the spot in order to erase the evidence.

Following Goro’s will, Dibba tells a lie to the family…

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