inbaifu ある女工記

inbaifu ある女工記

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”inbaifu”aru jyoko kiThe Prostitute 淫売婦(imbaifu) a film that actively depicts a diverse range of motives for “escape”. An escape from poverty, from a fear of death, from domination, from life in the country and its restraints on life.

The first film adaption of Yoshiki Hayma’s short story,The Prostitute 淫売婦(imbaifu).

Yoshiki Hayama (葉山 嘉樹 Hayama Yoshiki), March 12, 1894 – October 18, 1945) is a Japanese author associated with the Japanese proletarian literature movement.

He spent a lot of time in jail due to his involvement with the labor movement, but later turned away from Marxism and became an enthusiastic supporter of Japanese imperialism.

The film is set in Fukuoka, where Yoshiki Hayama and a Director Kimihiro Kodama were born.

Kitakyushu, home to Japan’s largest coal fields and industrial area during the Meiji through the Showa Era 1900-1940.

A diverse range of goods were shipped from the Port of Moji to the world.

In a port brothel with a heavy traffic of people, a seaman meets a dying prostitute.

Those who have…and those who do not…

Faced with hunger and poverty, how will female factory workers make it through the era?

The crew and cast of the film present The Prostitute 淫売婦(imbaifu) from Fukuoka, home to Yoshiki Hayama.

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