What Makes Love Last

What Makes Love Last

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Wen-Chen Tseng
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The city has just woken up, and people have just started their day. Hand in hand, Pei-Hua and Mrs. Chou-Lo are strolling down the alley; Wen-Tu is rotating Mr. Lin’s wrists for the daily rehabilitation; Chien-Hung is pushing Ms. Fan-Zhang in wheelchair to the local market for food and grocery shopping; Feng-Chiao is cleaning the house for the blind couple; over the hill, Tou-Pu is trying hitch-hike to a tribal village to provide service for the elderly.

Pei-Hua is a graduate from National Taiwan Normal University. Wen-Tu had an interior-decorating career. Feng-Chiao raised the whole family with her garment processing business. Chien-Hung is a new immigrant from China. Tou-Pu is a Taiwanese aboriginal descent. They are all carers, bustling about in cities and countryside on sunny days as well as rainy days, entering homes that need the aid with their passion and professional skills. They devote themselves to these families and guard them with love. It may seem ordinary and little but surely is a warm and extraordinary force for the society. At the same time, they also found the values and meanings of life in being carers.

What Makes Love Last documents the five carers, entering their workplaces and capturing the sincerity between the carers and their patients. We listen to their stories and realize that the care and companionship are what make love and tenderness last in our ordinary lives.

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