The Missing Piece

The Missing Piece

Only for Film Market of Focus on Asia IFF Fukuoka

Contry of Production
CHIANG Fong-Hong

Everyone wants his or her life to be a perfect circle, but nothing comes out as planned, the shape of the life circle is usually not so round. There will always be a piece missing. With a hitchhike note, a backpack, and a strange psychological symptom, five seconds’ blank, Lin Dao-Fung arrived at Riguang village in Taitung. This summer, he had decided to cure himself by a travel.

He met four interesting people at Riguang : a betel nut beauty, Hung Li-Sha; a recycler, Uncle Dan-Gong; a mobile loudspeaker driver, Aunt Hai-Chu; a road maintenance personnel, Shi-To. By talking to them and getting acquainted with them, Dao-Fung’s five seconds’ blank symptom gradually disappeared.

Lin Da-Fung became aware of that there was always a missing piece hidden deep in everyone’s heart, and it could only be found and mended by the power of love. During the time that Da-Fung stayed at the Riguang , five of them found their own missing pieces due to the love among them.

Five missing pieces comprised a warm and interesting story.

This summer, under the sunshine, a journey of life would begin.

49th WorldFest-Houston International & Video Festival – Gold Remi Award for Best Comedy
11th Osaka Asian Film Festival – Yakushi Pearl Award
19th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival

CONTACT INFORMATION COMPANY:Central Motion Picture Corporation
PIC:Celine Shen (Licensing & Marketing) CONTACT