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Wen-Tang Cheng
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Yeh, a rookie cop, just got transferred to the 8th Substation. The first case he encounters here is one of those “better leave it alone” ones, except Yeh didn’t notice the red warning sign along his way. Yeh never believes in any kind of unspoken rules. So, like a little bird just leant how to fly, he dashes into this cave full of traps.

Ming has been in the 8th Substation for many years. Watching the hot-headed Yeh dashes around, Ming can’t stand it, yet he doesn’t want to do anything about it. He has his own problem to take care of. Ming just moved in with a bargirl named Ann. Although it is not illegal, it has definitely caused a storm in the station. All the sarcasm Ming got from his folks makes him even more aloof now.

This is the cruel consequence Ming and Ann have to face for what they chose. Yet, in this world where money triumph rights and wrongs, nothing can surprise them anymore. Especially for Ming, who has seen what money can do to people of both policemen and gangsters. All the things Ming achieved before have faded away with the good old times of innocence. Everyone now takes it for granted, and it is no longer Ming’s concern.

Yeh believes in love the way he believes in his job. Although he stumbles along the way, he keeps marching forward. When a person like him faces the obstacle of a life time, will he give in, compromising his belief? Or will he take his stand to the last? Most of rookies in this society would ask themselves the same question: Is it really that hard to keep your belief? We are all eager to know the answer.

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